Food Combining, Days 2 and 3 – Planning

So didn’t involve much more than honest planning.  Basically I’ve got my plan broken down into this:


-Protein + veggies

-Starch + veggies

Most veggies are considered neutral and can be combined with almost anything.  And I’ve since gotten off meat so that’s reduced a lot of meal ideas that I keep finding.  When I first went off eating meat, I noticed immediately that my body just, for whatever reason, doesn’t feel good when it processes meat.  It’s hard to explain it, it feels more sluggish than when I stick to a veggie dish.  I still eat meat once in awhile and I just keep in mind what I’m in for when I do.  Finding good veggie dishes that aren’t tofu or a lot of expensive ingredients has been work but perseverance pays off.  The starch isn’t so hard for me, there are plenty of starchy veggies that I can turn to that makes it easier.  But aside from eggs, a lot of the protein tends to be meat-based.  So I’m right now counting on greek yogurt for my protein intake and I found a fabulous recipe for Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt over at Sing For Your Supper.  Seriously, that stuff is amazing.  If you don’t try it you have not lived.

Fruit serves as breakfast, and since I don’t have to order my proteins and starches in a specific order (except to make sure I don’t eat them at the same time) I have a variety lined up for my first week: vegetarian chili, Quick Noodle Bowl, Pizza-Roasted Veggies, Mediterranean Zucchini Pasta Salad, Pasta Primavera and good ol’ chopped veggies with romaine lettuce which I usually top with feta.  I had a few other recipes around here, but I can’t seem to find them at the moment.  The chili and the pasta last a few days and they’re super-good, so they cover a few days and the chopped veggies are kind of a staple in this house.  It feels good and helps the body clean out, as well as hydrate.  I’m working on improving the water intake as I reduce the caffeine intake.

Grocery shopping tonight.  Let the journey begin!

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